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Victoria and Albert Museum

Three years ago the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum purchased three Bookeye 4 scanners for public use and a further Bookeye 3 production model, exclusively for staff use.  Previously we used coin-operated Bookmaster photocopiers for public use but these were labour-intensive to maintain, posed potential dangers to rare and fragile books and could only copy up to A3 in black in white. 

The introduction of scanners has been one of our most popular service developments with our users.  We are able to allow them to copy virtually all of our books up to A2.  Operating the scanners is very intuitive so we rarely need to devote any time to demonstrating their operation to users.  We use the Bookeye 3 scanner to support our enquiry service, producing PDFs to attach to online query answers.  We also use them for our nascent digitisation programme, whereby we are scanning nineteenth century Museum publications and hosting them on the Internet Archive, complete with OCR and page turning software. 

Our scanners have been extremely reliable and we have only needed to make a handful of service calls over the years.



Martin Flynn
Head of Information Services
Word & Image Department
Victoria and Albert Museum