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Bookeye 4 V2 Basic

Bookeye® 4 V2 Basic is an entry level book scanner but still a full-fledged member of the Bookeye family, for use anywhere where grayscale is enough. Equipped with a standard scanning application available via the large colour touchscreen, Bookeye 4 Basic scans magazines, files, folders, loose or bound documents at an optical resolution of 400 dpi at high speeds. Images can be stored to a USB disk or sent via email, uploaded to an FTP server, printed to any network or connected printer or saved on a network drive. The client interface is optional.



  • Overhead grayscale book scanner for formats up to A2+, 400 x 400 dpi scanner resolution

  • LED lamps, no warm up, IR/UV free

  • Large colour WVGA touchscreen, 2 x USB ports

  • V-shaped book cradle 120 - 180 degrees

  • Book Fold Correction - Scan bound documents without annoying shadows

  • Automatic finger and thumb removal, automatic crop & deskew

  • Digital colour balance, automatic white balance and black value