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Sunderland City Council

'The vision for library services in Sunderland was to extend the range of services and make current services more accessible to a wider range of residents via the use of technology. To support this, 12 Digital Film Scanners were required to enhance the user experience within the Local Studies Library of the main City Library.

The equipment within the Local Studies area was outdated, cumbersome and in various makes and sizes with limited printing facilities.

The 12 SL1000 microfilm readers were space saving, enabling a refurbishment that produced a streamlined and visually attractive working environment.

The functionality of the SL1000 was the main factor in selecting this product, giving consideration to requirements such as the varied age and abilities of the general public/users.

These new readers have been met with favourable reviews from the users, many who were resistant to change, from the easy load universal cartridges to functions such as flip and rotate screen, magnifying facilities and the crop and print options.'


Julie Lawrence
Local Studies Manager