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Robotic Book Scan 4.0

The high-speed Robotic Book Scan 4.0 digitises any bound material automated, fast and economically. The Robotic is based on a worldwide patented turning technique (bionic finger system), a unique single page control (light transmittance instrument) and a V-Shape book cradle, capturing the pages with full format digital cameras.

The Robotic offers integration of all 3 unique operating modes – manual/semi-automated/full-automated. The effective machine construction results in outstanding scan throughput – fully automated.


  • Fully automated.

  • Max. cycle speed:  2.500 pages per hour.

  • Capturing technology: CMOS Sensors

  • Turning mechanism: Patented Bionic Finger System.

  • Scan Area A3+ model: open book- 560mm x 370mm//per page- 280mm x 370mm.

  • Scan Area A2 model: open book- 600mm x 440mm // per page- 300mm x 440mm.

  • Optical Image Resolution: 300ppi - 600ppi.

  • Max. book thickness: 160mm.

  •  Book Cradle:  V-Shape, automatically adapting.