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Mastered Book Scan 4.0

The Mastered Book Scan 4.0 combines V-Shape book scan technology with integrated automation processes. The Mastered Book Scan 4.0 is one of the most efficient semi-automated systems on the market.

Latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality. Every movement of the machine is automated. Page turning is done manually by the operator. Construction and material usage is clearly configured for large scale digitisation and 24/7 operation.


  • Semi-automated system.

  • Max. cycle speed: 1.500 pages per hour.

  • Capturing Technology: CMOS Sensors

  • Scan Area A3+ model: open book- 560mm x 370mm // per page- 280mm x 370mm.

  • Scan Area A2 model: open book- 600mm x 440mm // per page- 300mm x 440mm.

  • Scan Area A1 system: open book- 760mm x 580mm // per page- 380mm x 580mm.

  • Optical Image Resolution: 300ppi - 600ppi.

  • Max. Book thickness: 160mm.

  • Book Cradle V-Shape, automatically adapting.