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Locator Rapide

Locator Rapide is a high-speed digital imaging application, bringing unprecedented ease and versatility to the processing of scanned images. Locator Rapide is compatible with the entire range of Konica Minolta Microfilm and Book scanners.

It combines a variety of digital imaging technologies that allow an operator to view, edit, print, and email without ever leaving the application.


  • Scanned images can be saved as either single or multi-page files.

  • Thumbnail preview.

  • Scan to e-mail.

  • Images can be saved as Tif, Bitmap, Jpeg, or PDF files.

  • Save or print a magnified area of the image.

  • Pan Window, allows you to move an image to a certain position whilst retaining the current zoom level.

  • Crop, despeckle and Annotations come as standard.

  • Split Screen view, allows you to view multiple Images.

  • Scan and print on demand without saving the images.

  • Batch Scan, using the start button on the front panel of the scanner.

  • Automated Dual level Batch scan of blipped 16mm rollfilm using the Mini Mars 2 controller (MS7000 / 3000DSV only).