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Apollo microfilm scanners incorporate the latest in computing hardware. All models come with an integrated computer, running Microsoft® Windows operating system.

The 3-in-1 scanning system consists of a Base Unit which includes, computer, software, scanner controls, camera and light source.

 A rollfilm, fiche or aperture card module completes the system for any type of microfilm to be scanned.


Performance :      

16mm, 200dpi, 
24X reduction

200  Images/Minute
Ultrafiche  5 rows x 14 images, 200 dpi, 24X reduction    
  (step scan function)  60   Images/Minute
  (RowWise function) 100  Images/Minute
COM film 15 rows x 18 images, 48X reduction    
  (multi RowWise function) 120  Images/Minute
Aperture Card    26.4” x 15.9”, 200dpi, 8bit grayscale, 24X 600  Images/Hour