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DL-mini i600

The DL-mini i 600 integrates one CopiBook 600 digital camera, provides reliable productivity and exceptional image quality. The DL-mini is the ultimate tool for mass digitisation of books and can be used a manual or automatic scanner.

As a Manual scanner, it can be used for many different kinds of documents, accepting unusual documents such as photo albums, stamp albums, spiral, bound notebooks, postcards, photos, and manuscripts.

As an automatic scanner, it uses the highest level of automation, respecting safety of bindings and pages. Turns and scans pages of all types of books, magazines and bound newspapers with a very reliable production process. Handles challenging smaller books that close spontaneously.


  • lifetime reliability suitable for 24 hours - 7 days operation.

  • Reaches consistent productivity of 1000 pages per hour and maximum speed of 1500 pages per hour for quick scanning of easy books.

  • automatic detection and adapting to parameters of the book.

  • flexible algorithm finds the best way to separate pages.

  • ensured one page turn at a time, no missing of pages.

  • handles softly the pages and the binding.

  • Image Matrix Size – 142 Mega Pixels per camera.

  • Image Colours – 16 million colours.

  • Bits/Pixel - 24.

  • Resolution (dpi) – min 200, max 600.