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NEW large format scanner designed specifically to scan fine art

WideTEK® 36 ART enables contact free scanning of works of art like oil and acrylic paintings, watercolours, charcoal and pastel drawings, mixed media collages, and antique works of art; at 600dpi in formats up to 914 x 1524mm / 36 x 60 inches.

The new WideTEK® 36 ART-600 was designed for archiving and reproduction of works of art. Museums can digitize their own collection for sale as a print or for publication on the internet or in catalogues. Reprography specialists can offer fine art digitization as a service, which has already proven to be a lucrative market.



  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, Multipage PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNM, png, bmp, PSB (Photoshop Big), Raw Data, Postscript etc.

  • Authenticity of colours.

  • UV and IR-free LED lighting Geometrical accuracy.

  • Large colour space: supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native.

  • ICC colour profile.