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The brand-new KV-S2087 high-speed, multi-document A4 colour scanner allows you to scan multiple sizes and materials at once while still delivering exceptional results. Thanks to its innovative extended features, time-saving functionality and competitive price, it is the new must-have for medium and large-sized businesses across the finance, legal, healthcare and hospitality industries.


  • Incredibly fast scanning speed of up to 85ppm/ 170 ipm in duplex

  • One-touch scanning of up to 200 documents in ADF

  • Passport, card and long paper scanning

  • U-turn and straight feeding path

  • Digital imprinter and post imprinter

  • Remote control software for online scanning status checks

  • Auto Rescan and Auto Preview features

  • Compact 343 x 315 x 260 dimensions

  • Extended roller life of 350k sheets