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WideTEK 25

The WideTEK® 25-600 scans the full bed (DINA2+, 18,5x25”) at 300dpi colour in less than three seconds— two times faster than the closest competition. The closest competitor has a smaller scanning area but measures a hefty 130cm, 50” in width which is almost 2 times more than the WT25.

The revolutionary 3D scanning mode opens many new opportunities in the printing and industrial inspection markets. The 3D scanning mode captures the texture of surfaces so perfectly that the scan on a screen looks like the real thing.



  • Fits on any desktop: 30 inch width, only 5 inches more than the scanning area.

  • Captures 3D surfaces for industrial quality inspection: material weaves, patterns and textures, Braille print

  • Two LED lamps with diffusors, no warm up, IR/UV free

  • Large colour WVGA touchscreen for simple operation

  • Integrated walk up scanning software

  • Two USB ports and Scan2USB functionality

  • Automatic crop & deskew, on the fly rotation of images